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If you're going to be spending time with us, we thought you ought to know who we are. We're a small team with a wide range of experience, knowledge and knowhow. Read on!

Alexander Holt

Alexander has worked in the Digital Directorate of the Scottish Government for the past three years. His current role is as architect and Head of CivTech® - the groundbreaking programme with a mission to drive daring and innovation in the public sector, deliver better public services, and provide economic development opportunities. Previous roles included running a number of government tech procurements. Before moving back up to Edinburgh he spent eight years in London, six of which were spent growing his own digital creative agency delivering 'super shiny' web apps for Google, PayPal, Sony Ericsson, McDonald's, Adobe and other leading brands. He is massively passionate about the benefits of digital transformation in the public sector which leads to better value services that make our lives better.


Mark Elliott 

Mark is Head of the CivTech® Accelerator, and is also heavily involved in the application and selection process. He has a long and successful track record working in both the creative and the business sides of the digital and creative industries. Having been heavily involved in the earliest days of digital in the creative industries, he took over DigitalCity, North East England in 2003: in the ten years under his leadership it became a successful cluster initiative, acknowledged as one of the best projects of its type in Europe. He’s helped hundreds of companies start and develop as fast and effectively as possible, and was heavily involved in the creation of Europe’s first intensive tech accelerator, The Difference Engine. Moving to Edinburgh in 2013 he helped set up the UP Accelerator and designed its programme, and then came onboard CivTech® even as it started life as a paper exercise.


Joe Tree 

Joe Tree is our Head of Product. Best known as founder of Blipfoto (home to more than 5 million days of human life archived daily by the British Museum), with his digital product design, management, product hacking and investment hats on he'll be able to advise our companies on the navigating the rapids of building great digital products. Who better to have on board than someone who is 'obsessive about marrying brilliant creative ideas with exciting technologies to build beautiful things which change people’s lives'? We think he fits right in.

Katie Lyne

Katie is currently the CivTech® Industry Comms and Events Manager. She’s been with the project from the start and still loving every second. Katie comes with a background in marketing, events and leadership and is enthusiastic about the power of digital transformation and the benefits it can bring to the public sector.


Rui Cardoso

Rui is the CivTech® Challenge Sponsor Manager, acting as the bridge between public and private sector. Coming from an academic background in economics he's keen to see the impact the pilot will have on the Scottish economy. Rui is a problem solver who will always give you a brutally honest answer.


Chris Bergin 


Chris Bergin is policy and comms specialist at CivTech®. He has 15 years of public sector experience, having previously worked as a journalist in Scotland. Over the course of his Scottish Government career, he has fulfilled a number of front-line communications roles, from media relations to corporate communications and emergency planning and response. Prior to joining CivTech®, Chris provided strategic and policy input to national digital public service programmes, supporting colleagues and stakeholders delivering the Scottish Government’s wide-ranging digital ambitions. In early 2017 Chris contributed to the refresh of Scottish Government's National Digital Strategy.

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