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Company updates

As the week draws to a close, we’ve plenty of news to share with our readers! Aside from further planning of Demo Day 2017, we’ve welcomed over 17 sets of visitors from various public sector bodies and facilitated a ‘Fireside Chat’ with the brains behind Codebase! A typical day...

Studio visits

We were glad to welcome a host of new guests this week at the CivTech® studio. This lead to great discussions about progress of the Accelerator and our plans for v2 next year! So the teams got plenty of opportunities to interact and gain some contacts/pointers.

  • Edinburgh Council - Mollie Kerr - offering our lessons learnt on Open Innovation
  • Exolta Capital Partners - Russell Dalgleish - Russell seemed to enjoy his visit to the studio. What a wealth of contacts.

  • The Datalab - Gillian Docherty and Joshua Ryan-Saha - who have been particularly helpful with xDesign's potholing app.
  • Federation of Small Businesses (North East England) - Simon Hanson - Honoured that Simon should make the effort come up from Newcastle to take a look at the CivTech® approach.


  • Scottish Government Digital Directorate - David Robb As our new Deputy Director for Digital Public Services and Business Transformation, it was great to show David Robb round the studio.

  • Rachel Gwyon - Deputy Director within Economy Directorate - thanks so much for the brilliant intros following your visit!
  • Scottish Government Digital Ecosystem Unit - Trish Quinn and her Digital Ecosystem team held their team day out - always happy to host.
  • Improvement Service - Iain McKay - good to have him back in.

Fireside Chats

On the back of hosting a Fireside Chat with Gareth Williams and then Calum Paterson (SEP), this week's speaker had some further great news to share for the Scottish tech community. The Chairman and Co-Founder of Codebase, Jamie Coleman spoke to a room full of CivTech® and Codebase businesses about his new £150m Accelerated Digital Ventures fund. Really fascinating. 


Our Firesides have been set up by Joe - so the challenge is on to beat the ones we had this year given the amazing timings (which of course he had planned impeccably).

Citizen Engagements

These continued for some of the teams this week.


  1. Company Finance and Accounts 4 - Corporate Tax and R&D, run by: Johnson Carmichael
  2. Sales and Marketing Follow-Up - David Anderson
  3. Legal Basic and Anatomy of Term Sheet - MBM Commercial 
  4. The Brand and Company Narrative (1-2-1 Sessions) - MadeBrave®

CivTech Team and Studio

As mentioned on a previous blog, the CivTech® team were delighted to be nominated for the Campbell Christie and Commercial Partnership awards at the Scottish Public Service Awards. We came away empty-handed, but just being nominated itself was amazing, particularly given we're only 4 months out of the starting blocks. Congratulations indeed to Renfrewshire Council and Aberdeen City Council on their wins. It was a brilliant evening - you realise just how much great work is going on across the public sector.

Unrelated to our categories, but this captures a bit of the glitz as Barbara Allison, Director for Communications, Ministerial Support & Facilities opens an envelope.

Anyway - the end of another belter of a week... Thanks to everyone for their continued support for our tiny team and our talented companies.

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