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Company updates

Wow what a week this has been. Our companies are getting clarity on their propositions, the challenge sponsors are constructing challenges for v2 and the visitors we’ve had in - one in particular - are off the scale!

Studio visits

  • Scottish Cities Alliance - City of Edinburgh Council’s Ritchie Sommerville - great chat about the future of Edinburgh and how CivTech® can be an asset for this city and others across Scotland.

  • Digital Directors and Team Leaders - SG - Great to have Deputy Director Anne Moises and her team in. Presentations from Diddo, (the team she’s kindly sponsoring as our second Cyber Challenge), Wallet.Services, Wallscope and Symphonic. RiverTrack also squeezed in a flood warning demo. Thank you for the feedback. Thanks also to Alex Walmsley (SEPA) for giving his insight from a Challenge Sponsor perspective - the pace and profile is what stood out for him.

  • Head of IT and Business Transformation - Aberdeen City Council - Simon Haston - brilliant chat. Watch this space...

  • Cairngorms National Park - Grant Moir 

Fireside Chats

  • Gareth Williams - CEO Skyscanner - Wow - humbled, privileged, astonished to share an evening with Gareth -  less than 24 hours after selling the company for £1.4 billion. Needless to say, it was a packed room. Chatham House rules applied, so candid insights flowed aplenty. As an investor had mentioned earlier to us, "Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy." On the basis of the remarkably down-to-earth and humble chat, we wholeheartedly agree...!

Citizen Engagement

Some of our teams engaged in further Citizen Engagement meetings this week.

  • Gordon from Node on the Edge invited a team of software developers to CivTech® to discuss the possible plug-ins for the product.

  • Johnny from Streetchange busy afternoon of engagement sessions - the participants provided some thoughtful advice to help improve the fundraising platform for the Demo Day in January!

Rui attended the ‘Future of Brexit’ at Codebase - another way for the CivTech® team to raise further awareness of the accelerator programme, as well as get a sense of the issues that SMEs face.


  • Company Finance and Accounts 2: Financial Planning and Fundraising - hosted by Johnston Carmichael
  • IP, Licensing and Partnerships  - hosted by MBM Commercial
  • The Brand and Company Narrative  - hosted by MadeBrave®
CivTech Team and Studio

We have heating! It's finally working and we're all a little warmer in here.

What a week. Momentum is gathering as we lead up to Demo Day in January.

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