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This week's been one that can truly be said to be heads down, noses to the grindstone for the teams, only interrupted by a series of extraordinary workshops... by Tilesh Patel of the SME Clinic.

  • Tilesh Patel, SME Clinic. Tilesh is the founder and CEO of the SME Clinic, which specialises in advising high-growth start-ups and accelerating businesses, particularly in regard to investment-driven growth. He has an extremely successful track record going back more than twenty-five years experience in senior executive roles focused on delivering significant shareholder value with organisations including Verizon and Virgin, where he was the head of group investment. So perfect for Business Planning and the Opportunity Matrix workshop sequence...

    His approach focuses not just on ‘business plans’, but on the IP and assets held by a business and how maximum value can be developed out of these – and when that can be done. This is developed through detailed, robust and rigorous financial modelling, allowing a business to clearly understand potential revenue streams, their potential magnitude, and likely timing – this in turn allowing a extremely robust business model to be built, out of which the full business plan can be easily extracted. In other wordfs, the numbers come first, and then the words...

Over two days Tilesh conducted a group session then extensive one-on-ones with the teams on the Accelerator. We even managed a fireside chat! Just a few of the comments -

  • Joe Tree. even as Tilesh was going one-on-one with teams, Joe did a return visit to a very successful workshop he did earlier on the Accelerator for the teams that'd missed it first time round: Investment and what it means for you focuses on investment considerations from the business owner's point-of-view. It's all well and good going after investment, but before you do it's never a bad idea to really understand its implications and the profound changes it brings to a business. Joe, having ben there and done it, knows the territory and passed on his own experience. The feedback (we've now formalised it) was outstandingly good!

    By the way, if you're wondering why the photos look like they've been taken from a secret camera behind the blinds, they kinda have - because we don't want to interrupt the sessions! The eagle eyes among you might also notice that there's a steady stream of new bits and pieces to the CivTech environment - large-scale monitors, sofas... heck, we'll even get the fridge next week! 

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