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Company updates

First off, mega congratulations to Wallet.Services who won one of the Scottish Edge Wildcard challenges on Friday. It's a real endorsement on the potential of their platform. Everyone has passed their check-gates, so first round of payments will be made shortly.

Studio visits - Wow - what a cracker of a week - so many 'grands fromages' - IJ Mellis will be envious.

  • Lucinda Rivers - Head of UNICEF UK in Scotland. Plenty to chat about with Lucinda. Most of which we'll keep under our hats...for the time being...
  • Kevin Cunnington - Director General, Government Digital Service. As big as it gets in government digital circles. So, enormously appreciative of giving up his time at short notice to take a look around and meet the companies - including a live demo of Gary's flood warning capability...and...relax!
  • Andrew Murphy - Group Productivity Director, John Lewis Partnership. . What a belter to kick off the first of our 'fire-side chats'. Really interesting/inspiring/candid tale of the behind the scenes of JLP  as drawn out by his interviewer Joe. And welcome to other CodeBase companies who also joined us for pizzas.
  • Bruce Walker CEO We Are the Future - amazing how much he's achieved with WATF under the age of 22!!
    'I was very impressed with the high quality of truly innovative and disruptive businesses and entrepreneurs taking part in the CivTech accelerator. This level of innovation and creativity is unheard of by Government, so it's a huge testament to the hard work and effort from the CivTech team.'

Events -  I was honoured to be on the panel for the inaugural session of Edinburgh University's Centre for Service Excellence. What with Colin Mair (CEO IMprovement Service), Sandy Finlayson (Founder of law firm MBM Commercial), and Isabella Miller (Branch Manager of John Lewis Glasgow), I was the small fry in service delivery. However, we had some good feedback on 'CivTech in 7 minutes'. It was also an opportunity to reference the Scottish Approach to Service Design which, after the presentation by Professor Christian Gronroos (Emeritus Professor of Service and Relationship Marketing, Helsinki) made me think how progressive SG's SATSD is.

Workshops -

  • Insights profiling - this is a great workshop. I did this in my previous team 18 months ago and it's pretty accurate. What is most telling is how it maps your conscious over your subconscious self-perceptions - i.e. to what extent is someone WYSIWIG. The other useful insight is the section on how NOT to talk to someone. I see this as a more tactical and team based tool then the Wealth Dynamics test that the teams did in week 1, which is more strategic. Thanks to our Digital Directorate colleague Laurena Charles for delivering.
  • Investment Readiness part 1 - Joe delivering the basics on where to get your sources of funding from - apparently the back of the sofa doesn't count...

CivTech® team + studio - A few people down this week, so pretty stretched. Finally a bit more kit arrived, so we can at least start looking less skeletal.

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