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Company updates - 1-2-1s completed - good preparation, so no concerns there. Nice to have feedback from Jo Blewett and Gordon Ramsay (Challenge sponsor 3+4) saying they always feel happy as soon as they walk into the studio due to its upbeat feel - clearly they feel their teams are on track to deliver. Interesting comment from Derick at Symphonic Software, “In twenty years of working with the public sector, I’ve never known a programme like this…” It appears that the CivTech® brand is a mark of assurance: one of our companies has been allowed to submit a tender to a private sector client who normally requires three years of accounts. Attendance is better - the companies are getting into a rhythm - M/F on site with clients (studio is quieter), W/T workshops. 


  • Following on from John Connaghan’s visit, Linda Semple and Pauline Fyfe (NHS Scotland) had a good tour and exploration around particular NHS challenges they face. Again, the fast pace of this programme is what is being noted by visitors.
  • Tony Bayliss (Skills Development Scotland)- What with CodeClan being in the same building, it was a logical next step to come here and look at our approach in developing skills and opportunities.
    “I was intrigued by the way that the developers are delivering a real depth of product forma  simple, short statement using their innovative skills and engaging enthusiasm. The environment that CivTech® has created clearly suit this “frontiersman”-like sense of adventure."

  • Danny Gallagher (CEO SEEMiS)- on recommendation of Martyn Wallace. I think our Digital Directorate colleagues will be of particular help…
  • Big Partnership- Bryan Garvie and Sharon Amos. One of SG’s PR Framework suppliers - particularly entertained by Learn to Love Digital’s plans for the A9…

  • Eden Scott - Jane Kennedy and
    Jennifer Telfer who have kindly offered to host a pizza tech evening.

  • Great conversation with another UK Government agency looking to collaborate. We await their visit in December.

We’ve got some crackers next week… CAN NOT WAIT!!

Citizen engagement - these sessions start next week.

Workshops - The importance of Mission, Vision & Values as experienced through the eyes of the former CEO of Digital City (NE England’s biggest tech hub) - our very own Mark Elliott. Lots of good feedback on this session. We did the CivTech® team’s MVV in February; now that we’re up and running we’ll publish our revised version in a few weeks when we have our refresher session. We've completed the procurements for the remaining workshops - the delay has meant that we’ve had to amend our ideal order - but very pleased with the line up. 

Events - Invites starting to go out to for Demo Day on 11th January 2017. 

CivTech® team and studio - Mixed presence as some people on leave. Ended Friday with a clearer approach for elements of CivTech®2:  we don’t need a large team to deliver an awesome product - it’s about remaining lean and mean. We have some chairs! And one of the teams kindly donated some sofas! This is progress of the highest order!

Insights - Week 5 of 15 and we’re starting to get into a groove. Hopefully some more furniture and kit will arrive next week. The more visitors we have in, the further the teams are in their development, and the more interactions our challenge sponsors have, the more our approach is absolutely validated.

Final thought - For our team: Culture = Lean and mean. But this programme is not about us - it's about our customers, clients and citizens...

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