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Applying is five easy steps...

It's important to understand that while this wiki has really comprehensive information about CivTech® and the Challenges, your actual application will be submitted and then handled through the Scottish Government's Public Contracts Scotland website (PCS). This is the single point of entry for Scottish public sector contracts. Within its framework we've worked hard to make the application process as simple and straightforward as possible. It comes down to five simple steps that go like this -

One: Register on PCS

Once on PCS, you will see a link to register at the top of the page, you will want to register as a supplier. This involves entering some basic information about you and your business - address, phone, email etc.

Don't worry if you're not a registered business - the system will cope with that - and you only have to register once, even if you're making multiple applications. You can find further instructions on how to register here.

Once you've registered and logged in you'll have access to the Q&A system, and the electronic postbox where you'll submit your application.

If you aren't quite ready to submit your application, but are interested in applying, then click on 'Record your interest now'. This will keep you up to date on the Challenge.


Two: Choose your Challenge

You need to choose the Challenge you wish to apply for, and go to its dedicated PCS page. 

Challenge 1: How can we combat bird of prey persecution? 

Challenge 2: How can we track visitors to historic sites?

Challenge 3: How can we better use and understand citizen data?

Challenge 4: Can we create a smarter booking system for outpatient appointments?

Challenge 5: How can we use technology to provide better access to public services through

Challenge 6: How can we harness the power of data to create the most positive perception of Scotland across the world?

Challenge 7: How can we better understand our data to improve all aspects of services?

Once you're on the Challenge page, you'll be able to access all the relevant information about it. Please note you can apply for one or as many Challenges as you wish to.

You can also search for challenges on PCS. Just go to PCS --> Browse notices -->  Advanced search (below further search options) and search 'civtech'.


Three: Register your interest

You'll also need to register your interest on the Challenge Page (you can do this using the button at the top of the page, or the tab at the bottom). As this is Challenge specific, if you're interested in more than one Challenge you'll need to do separate registrations for each one.


Four: Download two forms

There are two documents you'll need to download -

The first is the main Application Form. It's a Word document and we've made it as simple but comprehensive as possible. We've also worked hard to make what we're looking for as clear as possible - you can read about this in the application form guidance

The second is called Grounds for Mandatory Exclusion relating to Criminal Convictionswhich covers activities that automatically prevent people from applying for public contracts (conspiracy, corruption, fraud, terrorist offences, money laundering, child labour, and drugs trafficking). There's a single question to establish you're eligible to apply.


Five: Apply!

Write your application. As we've said we've made what we're looking for as clear as possible - you can see the advice in the application form guidance.

Submit both the completed Application Form and the Mandatory Exclusion document via the electronic postbox on PCS.

There's information about how to do this on the Electronic Postbox User GuideYou can upload the Application Form and save it, and make changes at a later time. But once you've submitted the application (there's a button) it cannot be amended - though you could submit an entirely new application. Once the submission has gone through, you'll receive an onscreen confirmation and a confirmation email. 

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