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Challenge Sponsor organisation

Transport Scotland


Major Transport Infrastructure and Professional Services


Programme Manager

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You can now send your application for this challenge through Public Contracts Scotland.

Challenge timeline

Submission deadline: Monday 1st August 9AM

Top 6 announced: Friday 5th August

Skype interview: Thursday 11th August

Exploration stage kickoff: 22nd August

Pitch day: Thursday 1st September (Edinburgh)


Challenge narrative: what the problem is, its background and context; why it’s important to solve the problem, the benefits solving it would trigger, and the parts of society that would receive those benefits

The Scottish Government’s Infrastructure and Capital Investment Plan dated 6th December 2011 includes a £3bn commitment to complete the dualling of the A9 Trunk Road between Perth and Inverness by 2025. The A9 forms a strategic link between Central Scotland and the Highlands and the 177km route between Perth and Inverness includes 127km which requires dualling. 

The A9 Dualling provides a potential catalyst for tourism growth through the innovative use of technology for marketing and interpretation of products and services that it will traverse. The critical challenge is developing appropriate technology to provide an interface and marketing channels for drivers and passengers. The technology system created should directly promote the tourism destinations along the route and in the less visited rural heartlands of Scotland generating expenditure and employment. 



Why the Challenge Sponsor is focused on this

The A9 Dualling project is a unique opportunity to combine major route upgrade and economic development in a key sector of the Scottish economy. It has potential to drive significant change to rural economies and develop additional impacts beyond improved travel times. The increased accessibility the Dualling offers will attract visitors and the scheme will incorporate features such as enhanced laybys,  located at key view points and locations of particular historic and geological interest. In working with the tourism sector the project offers the potential for business growth in the region between Perth and Inverness via technology based marketing and interpretation of the landscape, history, geology and geography of the corridor.


The attempts [if any] the Challenge Sponsor has made to find a solution to the problem - and why they’re not fit for purpose

No. This type of tourism marketing and interpretation is not the direct remit of Transport Scotland.


Who are the end users?

Road users of the A9 who by 2025 will use Smart Phone and Smart Car technology to provide traffic and road incident updates. This type of technology will also provide data, sales information, itinerary recommendations as well as education and play services on route for drivers and passengers.


What the Challenge Sponsor would like to see from the solution

Positive impacts on the tourism sector through a unique technology based system of marketing and interpreting the route that has appeal in a range of international markets.



What would success look like in measurable terms?

What is the one metric that matters?

The measurement of technology performance will be its ability to ‘monetise’ at a scale level. This will be achieved by subscription, sponsorship and purchasing of space as well as sale of the system to other destinations.

The measurement of the impact on the tourism sector that the road traverses is traditionally measured in relation to performance indicators such as; accommodation occupancy, accommodation rates achieved, food and beverage sales, tourism retail sales, attraction visitation and expenditure and activity levels and expenditure. The combination of these activity and expenditure indicators can be used to help calculate GVA impacts.


Systems including software, APIs and databases the solution will need to work with and / or integrate with



What’s in it for the successful solution provider: the commercial opportunity from initial contracts to national and international potential

The provision of such software solutions applied to route ways could be recreated in a variety of locations worldwide. Individually they can generate revenues via sales of advertising space, listings and sponsorship. Collectively the product could be licensed and replicated in a range of nations worldwide.


What resources is the Challenge Sponsor providing?

Knowledge and experience of relevant products, software packages etc

An additional resource of 3 graduates for 4 hours per week (12 hours per week in total) from consultant design teams will be provided for the accelerator phase from September to December, led by the A9 project innovation champion.

Data and access to the route development and interface with appropriate agencies and relevant contractors.


The stakeholders that would be involved, and the team would require access to

Transport Scotland, VisitScotland, Traffic Scotland, Jacobs, CFJV, AMJV – the 3 design consultants taking forward different sections of the A9 Dualling for TS


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